Starting Python from autorun.inf on WinXX?

Peter Funk pf at
Thu Mar 16 15:43:56 CET 2000

Please excuse my ignorance, but I'm a Linux/Unix guy don't know much about
WinXX.  I've tried to put the following into the autorun.inf
of a CD-Rom:

OPEN=test\dosbin\pythonw.exe test\hello.pyw

That didn't work, because win98 refuses to find python15.dll. 
(Of course, I should have  known this :-( )
Than I tried to put a .bat file into autorun.inf, that does a
proper setup of PYTHONPATH, TCL_LIBRARY and so on.  But this also
didn't work, because WinXX seems to refuse to start a batch file 
from autorrun.inf?  Is that true?  Is there a workaround so that
I still can autostart a Python/Tk GUI from CD without having the
user to install Python on his WinXX box first?

Best regards and thanks in advance, Peter
Peter Funk, Oldenburger Str.86, D-27777 Ganderkesee, Germany, Fax:+49 4222950260
office: +49 421 20419-0 (ArtCom GmbH, Grazer Str.8, D-28359 Bremen)

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