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Lloyd Zusman ljz at
Fri Mar 10 16:56:37 CET 2000

kragen at (Kragen Sitaker) writes:

> In article <lt66uvaf56.fsf at>, Lloyd Zusman  <ljz at> wrote:
> >Uh-oh ... this is the first time I noticed a complaint like this in
> >c.l.python about "Eternal September", etc.  Does this mean this
> >newsgroup has taken its first major step towards being like
> >c.l.perl.misc?   :)
> Certainly!  Why, just the other day I saw someone being flamed for
> suggesting a change to the language.  :)

Hmmm ... now who could have done *that*? :)

> However, I knew I wasn't on clpm when the flamee responded politely.  I
> hope things stay that way.

I also hope that it will.

 Lloyd Zusman
 ljz at

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