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>> I'm not so sanguine about c.l.p.platform.  What are
>> examples of postings you anticipate there?
>COM, Windows programming using win32api, Unic programming such as
>processes and sockets, Mac programming with the Macintosh
>extension modules.
I don't think it'll work.

I believe a c.l.p.ms-win would flourish (all honor to Mark,
whose creation in this domain is epic).

I anticipate, though, that if we had c.l.p.platform, the new-
comers with the most apt questions wouldn't understand that
"How do I use Python to script a font change in all my Word
documents in some directories, but not others?" belongs there.
They'd never get it, on their own.  Never.

I suppose that, if the c.l.p community were very unified and
disciplined about redirecting traffic to .platform, it has a
chance.  Could that happen?  Aren't a lot of the best posters
doing this by way of the mailing list, anyway?

Incidental but not entirely tangential remark:  are processes
and sockets specific to Unix?  That surprises me.

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