Python for non-programmers

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at
Thu Mar 2 15:55:07 CET 2000

Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> I am teaching my 35-year-old son about programming using Python.  

> This has really brought me up short about what it takes to introduce
> something like Python to a non-programmer 

> I am looking at what would make his experience more successful and
> effective.

These are exactly the issues that my web tutor tries to 

Its express aim is to get a beginner up to the point 
where they could understand the official Python tutor
(or the Javascript one, or Perl or Tcl etc...) 

Its about programming not python per se, it uses Python 
as an example language but focuses on the concepts.

I'm currently turning it into a book (with some new 
material and other languages).

Try it out at:

Alan G.

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