Threading and Conditions

Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Wed Mar 22 14:30:45 CET 2000

Ken Seehof wrote:

> I apparently don't understand how conditions work.
> Both notify() and wait() require a thread lock.  By my understanding,
> this
> means that a notify cannot occur while a wait is in progress (i.e. until
> we are
> done waiting for the notify), which means I'll be waiting a very long
> time :-).
> What's my confusion?

The lock isn't held during a wait. The Condition remembers 
that this guy wants it.
> Unfortunately, the documentation is inadequate.  Does anyone know of a
> whole sample program using conditions?

The test code at the bottom of the module.
> Is the Threading module the right thing to use for multi-threading?


- Gordon

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