Python advocacy

Barry A. Warsaw bwarsaw at
Fri Mar 24 02:14:29 CET 2000

>>>>> "BW" == Blake Winton <bwinton at> writes:

    BW> Change that from "Tape recorders" to "Synthesizers", and I
    BW> would agree with Paul.  The advances in ease of use allow for
    BW> one-man-bands, a feat which was nigh impossible in the early
    BW> days of music.

    BW> Heck, even I, with no training in drums, can twiddle around in
    BW> 7/4 time on a friend's drum machine, and come out with some
    BW> neat sounding beats.  It seems to me that advances in
    BW> technology erase (at least partially) the lines between
    BW> professionals and amateurs.  Maybe that's a good thing.  Maybe
    BW> not.  Maybe both.

Ah, but can you look cool doing it?  Eh? Eh? :)

Besides, to paraphrase Mr. Protocol, a piano is much better than a
tape recorder because it does more damage when you drop it.


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