Which CORBA binding ?

Martin von Loewis loewis at informatik.hu-berlin.de
Tue Mar 21 20:34:08 CET 2000

tseaver at starbase.neosoft.com (Tres Seaver) writes:

> You lose portability between ORBs -- Fnorb, omniORBpy, and ILU all
> do/will use the same mapping, so moving code among them is fairly
> straighforward.

AFAICT, orbit-python *does* follow the standard mapping on the client
side, and when mapping primitive and constructed types. What it does
not do is a inheritance-based server-side mapping; instead it uses
delegation. While doing so, it appears to follow the spirit of the
mapping; so when porting to another ORB, only minor editing should be

> Unless you are already committed to ORBit, I would recommend looking at
> one of the other Python ORBs (Fnorb/omniORBpy/ILU)  -- nothing agains ORBit,
> but there has been a *lot* of good work done *in Python* with those three.

That would be my recommendation as well. I know both Fnorb and ILU
have been used in large projects. That does not mean that the other
implementations would not do just as fine in such projects, it only
means that there won't that big surprises.


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