scripting cyradm?

mindlace mindlace at
Sat Mar 25 00:42:50 CET 2000


I'm a bit of a python newbie, and I'm trying to script the addition of
users to Cyrus IMAPd.

The install-FAQ suggests this:

eval cyradm connect cyr_conn CYRUS-SERVER
eval cyr_conn authenticate -pwcommand {{
  set hostname ""
  set adminid "cyrus"
  set adminpw "simple"
  list $adminid $adminpw

I don't even know what scripting language they're using (tcl?) but I
need to do this from within python, for use with zope.  I'm looking for
a simple one liner (create user mailbox users.somemailbox) but I'm a
little lost as to how to go about it.

Thanks for any help,

ethan fremen
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