Compiling Fnorb on BeOS

Daniel Berlin+list.python dan at
Tue Mar 28 05:27:00 CEST 2000

Your real problem is you need to make a blank dl_export.h file, and
throw it in the python include dir.

I build python from CVS almost every day on BeOS, so melt me know if
you have any problems.

> OK, so i'm a bit of a newbie to this stuff, but i have Python
> 1.5.2 installed on my BeOS machine here and i'm trying to 
> get Fnorb goin as well. Following instructions from 
> i ran 'make -f boot' on the Fnorb source with 
> no troubles, but then running just 'make' afterwards as instructed
> results in the following:
>   ____________________________
> $ make
> gcc -I/boot/home/src/other/Python-1.5.2/BeOS 
>   -UUSE_DL_EXPORT  -D`../script/fnendian` -DUSE_DL_EXPORT 
>   -O3 -mpentiumpro -I/boot/home/config/include/python1.5 
>   -I/boot/home/config/include/python1.5 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H 
>   -c ./cdrmodule.c
> /bin/sh: ../script/fnendian: No such file or directory
> /boot/home/programming/Fnorb-1.01/src/cdrmodule.c:0: 
>   malformed option `-D -DUSE_DL_EXPORT'
> In file included from /boot/home/config/include/python1.5/Python.h:39,
>     from /boot/home/programming/Fnorb-1.01/src/cdrmodule.c:50:
>   /boot/home/config/include/python1.5/config.h:86: dl_export.h: 
>   No such file or directory
> make: *** [cdrmodule.o] Error 1 
>   _____________________________
> The file ../script/fnendian is there, so i'm assuming that i need 
> to change some of the parameters of the 'gcc' command.
> Anyone able to offer any insight into this?
>    Troy Henderson
>    drop at

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