Splitting comp.lang.python

Ralf Muschall rmuschall.fih at t-online.de
Wed Mar 1 23:19:03 CET 2000

Mikael Olofsson wrote:

>   c.l.py             General
>   c.l.py.gui         GUI
>   c.l.py.os          os/platform dependent issues
>   c.l.py.db          DataBase handling
>   c.l.py.advocacy    Whitespace and such

having c.l.py seems to be nonstandard (if a group forks,
the remainder should be renanamed into ~.misc).

I'd prefer to have a group named ~.newusers or ~.help
where newbies can ask (and where they are being redirected
if they happen to ask off-topic questions elsewhere).
OTOH, they would probably not find ~.help, so ~.misc
will end up being their area.

My idea is this:

~.misc              -- newbies + stuff not fitting elsewhere
~.modules.misc      -- modules not covered in ~.modules.*
~.modules.gui       -- tkinter,wxpy etc. (can fork later if needed)
~.modules.cgi       -- CGI
~.modules.db        -- db handling (if needed)
~.modules...        -- other stuff, can be created by need
                    -- e.g. networking,low-level-OS-stuff,XML
~.theory            -- stackless, FP, ...
~.advocacy          -- suck the crap out of the other groups

This keeps special stuff in ~.modules.* .

My estimation of the need for some groups is certainly skewed
(e.g. I ignore all db stuff), so YMMV.


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