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> What editor do you use?  I have something for emacs that automatically
> checks a python program for syntax errors, and moves the cursor to where
> they are happening.  Let me know if you're interested, and I'll post it.

I'm using Visual Slickedit (Win32/NT4)
VS is programmable (I found Python syntax coloring for it, which is cool)
but I don't know it well enough to program auto-completions (not sure
if that is do-able, either) and I don't really like to use auto-completions.

> For the multiline comments, you can use triple-quoted strings even
> outside the docstrings.
> def example ():
>     do_something ()
>     '''A multiline comment
>     that is not part of a doc string.'''


I thought this was only allowed immediately at the top of a file or class or
before any other statements.  This is very useful.



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