FTP hangs on close

Oleg Broytmann phd at phd.russ.ru
Thu Mar 9 16:52:11 CET 2000


On 9 Mar 2000, Aahz Maruch wrote:
> >   On the other hand - it seems the program hangs hard - I cannot kill it
> >with ^C - only "kill $pid" can help. I cannot believe ftplib is waiting
> >"goodby" so hard :)
> Yes, it is, because it's not in Python, it's in a kernel socket call.
> I've run into this many times with urllib against HTTP.  Using a timeout

   Yes, I found that too. But I never saw an HTTP URL where my robot would
always hangs. It hangs sometimes on one URL, being run after few days it
would hangs on other URL...
   But there are some FTP URLs where my robot *always* hangs... :(
   (ftp://starship.python.net is one of these bad sites :)

> is the only answer.

   Sure I did this 3 years ago, when I encounter these hangs for the first
time. I rewrote my URL checker to fork, and parent watches the child and
kills it after 15 minutes.

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   I hope it is not about me :)

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