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Grant Edwards grant at nowhere.
Mon Mar 6 17:37:14 CET 2000

In article <952358490.925083271 at>, Clarence Gardner wrote:
>On Mon, 06 Mar 2000, Gaetan Corneau wrote:

>>Ah, c'mon guys: having to declare self may or may not be fun,
>>but the fact is that it is a gotcha for newbies, so I think
>>self should be passed implicitly to methods.
>>Remember: it's stuff like that that turns new users off.

I still think it's by far the best way, and if C++ programmers
are turned off by it, then I guess they can continue to use

>I wonder if you have actual evidence of that point.  One of my
>biggest problems with C++ is the inability to distinguish
>between an attribute and a local variable at a glance.

I agree.  I find this to be extremely annoying when trying to
read other peoples' C++ code.  I remember other people also
wasting time trying to figure out what was a reference to an
instance variable and what wasn't.

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