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Tue Mar 7 01:48:50 CET 2000

Let's agree to disagree.

Anyway, white space, indentation, self, this, etc. are cosmetics.
A real programmer reads and understands a ten thousand lines Fortran
program without embedded comments or external documents.
If you are clueless, a readable program won't make any difference.

The chess program running on Deep Blue that beat Kasparow was written in
C, not even in C++ or Java. It's a real large scale program, not a toy
large scale one.


In article <C5A7720BDEB7D3118A5200E018C200A021DBAA at EXCHANGE>,
  Gaetan Corneau <corg at> wrote:
> > still-no-chance-of-changing-ly y'rs
> Prrrrrrrllllzzztbll!  :P
> ______________________________________________________
>    Gaetan Corneau
>    Software Developer=20
>    Copernic Technologies inc.=20
>    E-mail: corg at                        =20
> ______________________________________________________
> "Tu l'as trop =E9cras=E9, C=E9sar, ce Port Salut"
> Version: 3.1
> GCS/B/MU d- s+:++ a C++=20
> UL+ P--- W+ N- K- W++ t--=20
> !5 X- R+ tv-- b++ DI++=20
> G e++ h---- r+++ y++++
> ------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------

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