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Wed Mar 22 00:57:54 CET 2000

Mark Hammond wrote:
> In article <1258785627-16547413 at>,
> gmcm at wrote:
> > Mikhail Terekhov wrote:
> > > and when I select any file to open I'm getting error box
> > > "Filed to open document!". There were no such a problem
> > > with b125 I've used before. Am I missing something
> > > obvious?
> This is normally accompanied with a traceback in the interactive
There is no traceback, just message box.
> > Build 128 works fine for me. Did you de-install b125, or install
> > over it? If the latter, you should probably de-install 128, and
> > (try) de-installing 125. That will probably fail, so be prepared to
> > clean up the directories. Then try 128 again.
> The win32all builds offer to uninstall the old version for you. I
> can't remember if they insist, tho.
Actually, I uninstalled b125 before installing b128. By the way,
why uninstaller leaves pywintypes15.dll, pythoncom15.dll in
directory and pythonwin.exe and win32ui.pyd in pythonwin directory
Right now I uninstalled/installed b128 and then b127 with the same
result -
trying to open a new file gives me grep dialog etc, but b125 again
installed and
works fine.

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