Stackless/microthreads merge news

Armin Steinhoff Armin at
Sat Mar 11 11:48:38 CET 2000

In article <qKWx4.19416$W5.278174 at>, "Darrell" says...
>Looks great!
>Some kind of diagnostic to trouble shoot deadlocks would be nice.
>In QNX you can see what tasks are send or read blocked.
>That's the only two ways tasks can block in QNX.
>Don't recall if you can see who is blocked on who though.
>A handy diagnostic would show all tasks and who they're blocked on.
>Don't know how out of hand this gets, giving every thing a name.
>Over kill ???

That's very interesting ... is there a way to get that implementation ??

We have ported Python 1.5.2 to QNX 4.25 and added a message passing module
to it.



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