Cookies and Python

Newhard, Nick nnewhard at
Tue Mar 7 17:32:32 CET 2000

Tim, Thanks for the help!

>> The problem is, the cookie never seems to get saved between browser

>That's because you never send it back to the client browser.  You need
>to send the cookie value in the headers.  This means you should send
>the cookie value IMMEDIATELY following the "Content-Type:" header.

Got it.  So the cookie has to be part of the header stuff, not just any part
of the HTML doc.  Makes sense.  I am enlightened.

The skeleton almost worked.  form["username"] can't be passed as a parameter
to ck.get() if it doesn't exist  (raises KeyError), so I added a second
(redundant) check.  It would be great if CGI forms supported get() as
well...perhaps in 1.6?

    username = ck.get("username", form["username"]).value


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