Tangential anti-educationist rant (was: what is easier to lea rn first?...)

Alessandro Bottoni Alessandro.Bottoni at think3.com
Wed Mar 22 11:04:28 CET 2000

This is the kind of boss you can meet in most italian schools (not
universities) and in most italian companies. Do you have any better managers
over there? (beware: I work for an american company, with a top-level
american management...;-)

This topic could opens up three interesting discussion threads:
1) How can we present Python to our managers and get them converted to the
true Faith?
2) How can we get Python well-known and widely accepted, like Basic? 
Do there is a way to have Python mentioned in the primary school books, like
it *does" happen here for Basic?
3) How can we free people from Basic and Perl? Electrochock? Exorcism?
Re-educational Gulags? Mind erasing/rewriting a la "Total recall"?

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> >Basic and C are well-known, no more than well-known. Hence, they are
> >understandable.
> Any boss who can countenance the teaching of Basic, programming
> mind-killer,
> has no business in education in the first place.  I think this is a stupid
> boss story.
> I got started in TI-BASIC.  I had to unlearn it all to learn real
> programming.
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