HELP: restore my faith in Python

Johann Hibschman johann at
Fri Mar 10 19:00:57 CET 2000

Ken Seehof writes:

> Okay.  You are right.  Better yet let's make sure floats Never work
> correctly.  The more they work right, the more people will think they
> work right.  We should have a special case for 1/2.  Obviously, 1/2
> should be 7.392.

> Also, there should be a limit on the size of lists of 100 items
> (beyond which the program should dump core).  If people can have
> over 100 items in a list, they might think they can have several
> trillion, which would overflow memory.

More seriously, would this whole little discussion be a good reason to
put a fixed-precision decimal class into the standard library?  A lot
of people want to use floats for money, which is a fairly poor idea
unless you know what you're doing.

Having a decimal class around would give us something to point to.
Plus, it'd be trivial to write.


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