Default Parameters to function!

Michael Hudson mwh21 at
Wed Mar 15 21:29:55 CET 2000

"Yuriy Gorvitovskiy" <yuriy at> writes:

> I want to make a request to the Python developers to change the way of
> default parameters initialization from "when function definition is
> executed" to "when function executed". 

Loosely speaking, no chance.  Too much code relies on this behaviour
(yes, that's perhaps a bed idea, but it's still true).

> I spend half of the days to figure
> out this problem. This definition not intuitive. If somebody can give me One
> GOOD reason why it this way, I will be appreciate!

What do you want to do instead?  Store little code objects for each
default argument and evaluate them each time?  I guess efficiency was
the initial reason for this implementation.


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