what is easier to learn first?...

Matthew Barre mbarre at mac.com
Wed Mar 22 07:35:12 CET 2000

Well I'm a python newbie. A few years ago I defiantly set out to learn my
first computer language, and a comp sci friend told me C++ was the one to
learn. I gave up after a week completely frustrated and confused. A couple
months later I tried Java...I actually learned a few things but could never
actually figure out how to make it "do anything." A month ago I started on
Python. I've learned more than I ever dreamed...all of a sudden a lot of
other stuff in other languages made sense. I started a Java email client and
quit after just a few hours because I couldn't break it down sufficiently to
understand what was going on. In comparison I got it up and running in
Python in a day. Its my learning project and I simply add one feature a day,
ie sending an email, making a list for an inbox, error checking, etc. My
advice is read Learning Python then start something small you've always
wanted to program while concurrently reading Programming Python. This week
I've gone back to one of my Java books and shazam it seems so easy now...for
me Python made it all click into place and I can't say enough good things
about it. 

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> Subject: what is easier to learn first?...
> C+/+ or python or perl, I need an unbiased opionion here. I have  NO
> programming experiance. thanks for your time.
> greene at hctc.com

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