"Worse is Better" and Python (was Re: Off Topic: looking for a paper)

Chris Ryland cpr at emsoftware.com
Thu Mar 23 22:55:50 CET 2000

Interesting. I hadn't read that paper in a while (referenced below).

Re-reading it, it hit me that Python may be what Gabriel was hoping Common
Lisp would become (though not fully, as Python's IDE isn't even up to what
the best Common Lisps had years ago).

In particular, the whole "How Lisp Can Win Big" section seems to predict
what Python independently became. Or did GvR read that in 1991 and take it
to heart? ;-)
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> > i'm looking for a paper i believe i've seen referenced here,
> > but can't recall.  it describes a new jersey style of
> > design, as exemplified by unix, in which it is more important
> > for the interface to be simple than for the design to be correct.
> > it contrasts this to more purist notions.
> >
> The Rise of ``Worse is Better''
> By Richard Gabriel
> http://www.jwz.org/doc/worse-is-better.html
> Enjoy!

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