Where to put files for public download?

David Fisher python at rose164.wuh.wustl.edu
Wed Mar 15 00:51:40 CET 2000

I posted some code for accessing ports on windows a couple of weeks ago, and
since then a couple of more people have asked about ports in the newsgroup
(why can't people take five minutes to search the archives first, sheesh!).
Anyhow, it got me thinking about putting the binary somewhere for people to
download.  So my question is where should I look for a place to put files to
be downloaded with ftp/http?  Especially python related files.

Yes, I have read the page on contributed software at the Python home page
(consider the irony if I hadn't!).  The thing is I don't have a web page or
a ftp server, and I don't really want to go to the trouble of setting one up
if I don't have to.  Since putting a file in anonymous ftp at python.org is
a last resort, I guess I'm looking for a second-to-last resort.

Thanks in advance,

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