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Ian Maurer ian_maurer at
Mon Mar 27 22:55:00 CEST 2000

> sounds very usefull. does it have a scrollback history?

No, it's not that complex. It is just a command prompt app that works in the
command window. So on NT it has scrollback (because NT does) but it doesn't
on 9x. The program is more of a middle man that replaces hotkeys and aliased
text and then hands it off the "system". VERY simple code, but VERY useful to

Two big bugs in it are: no ability to "insert" after backarrowing and
autoextend doesn't work so well when there are spaces in "comparable" entries
(ie, "Microsoft Visual Studio" and "Micorsoft Office" cannot be extended with

The code is very easy to modify, so these bugs could be wiped out pretty
quickly by someone with a free couple of hours (or minutes if you're a true
Python guru :).

> you might be able to find a spot on vaults of parnassas or
> at the python starship?

I didn't see a place on the vaults (ideal place) for them to "host" my app
but I might just break down and go to geocities for some free space. Starship
would laugh at this little program,  I certainly would if I were them.

I apologize if Deja messes up my newlines again. I've been playing around
with Opera 4.0 beta (it's great) and it might be an issue with compatibility.
But most likely it is a user problem.

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