Python performance

Fredrik Lundh effbot at
Fri Mar 10 16:29:40 CET 2000

Nick Trout wrote:
> > > That's not true. Most of the software renderer was written in
> >
> > hmm.  that's not how I recall things.  got any pointers?
> See post after (it contains .asm files)! The source for Quake was floating
> the internet for a while...  :-)

see my other posts in this thread.  and reading your post again,
you did say "software renderer".  optimizations, optimizations... ;-)

> > working for microsoft on windows NT? (yes, I'm serious)
> Wow. What was he working on? What a transition! Cutting edge
> rendering speed to... Microsoft.

iirc, he went back to Microsoft, after a two-year stint working
on Quake.  but before all this, he wrote about assembler and
graphics programming in Dr. Dobbs for many years...

> > the book you mention was first published in 1994.  quake
> > arrived in 1996.
> Mmm I thought it contained articles on Quake optimisation. I only flicked
> through it, and it was a while ago!

correction: the first *edition* was published in 1994.  there's
a second edition written after his ID adventures, and also the
black book which is some kind of superversion of all his "zen"


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