Python tutorial/comparison for C++ programmer

Martijn Faassen m.faassen at
Sat Mar 25 19:43:18 CET 2000

Will Ware <wware at> wrote:
> All current venues for Python help (such as
> this newsgroup) would be rendered instantly useless by the huge influx
> of MSPy newbies, making today's newbies look like tenured brain
> surgeons.

So you mean the old Pythoneers get to spread their culture to the 
MSPy newbies? :) A grand opportunity! The internet communities have
traditionally been very good at remaining intact under such newbie onslaughts;
the net culture has survived a..what? hundredfold increase in users in the
last decade? More?

> CPython and JPython would become the non-standard versions because
> everybody's brother was using MS Python.

Not if we educate the newbies. Besides, this didn't happen to Java. We're
smarter than Java-ists, after all, we use Python. :) Why would it happen
to us? "Evil MS demolishes friendly Python culture!" Why do I think MS 
doesn't want to see headlines like that? It's even worse than "Evil MS
attacks Evil Sun with incompatible Java!"

> If you put Python on your
> resume in that world, you better be talking about MS Python, and if
> you really want that job, you better have Microsoft Python
> Certification. Mentioning CPython or JPython in a job interview would
> become like talking about your high scores on video games.

Are you in the same timeline as the one where Linux and open source software
are heading for World Domination (tm)? Will MS Python run on Linux, then? 

I think we're just a trifle more resilient than you're portraying.


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