subprocess pipes (expect-like)?

Johann Hibschman johann at
Mon Mar 20 23:14:31 CET 2000


Are there any good modules out there for controlling subprocesses
through pipes?  My needs (for now) are simple; I just need the
equivalent of popen2 with non-blocking reads.

In my searches, I've come across: seems a bit old, but looks usable
  expy      : it's expect; I don't want to have to install expect
  PIPE      : seems nice, but requires extension module

Does anyone have any suggestions over which one to prefer over the

I know, I know, the official FAQ answer is "don't do that."  Well, I
wanna.  ;-) The emacs comint mode manages to do it, so there must be a
way.  Basically, I want to be able to interactively control a
mathematica process, like I'm used to doing through emacs comint, only
through a python-gtk front-end instead.

Any suggestions?


Johann Hibschman                           johann at

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