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Chris Armstrong punck at
Wed Mar 15 21:36:04 CET 2000

Hi all. I'm writing a multi-user game, and I'm having trouble with thinking
up a way of doing a chat system. First of all, lemme tell you how the game
works. It's being written just like a local game, and I'm using inetd (along
with telnetd) to give it the socket functionality. The chat system will be
written as a plugin to the game.

So to make the problem simple: I just need to get a bunch of the
same program running on the same box to do IRC-like chat. I know
things like ytalk do this, but I figured I'd post my problem here before
messing with some C code that I don't understand.
I've thought about having a file that
is written to and is read by all clients, but this is *really* inefficient.
Another thing about the chat system: I need for it to be able to constantly
stream in new content while still being able to type in your message and
send it whenever you want. I know some programs like IRC clients do
this without having two processes (one for the streaming content and
one for the input). Oh, and one more thing, this'll all be using curses,
if it matters.

Chris Armstrong

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