Tkinter 1.5.2 on windows

Dirck Blaskey dirck at
Wed Mar 22 03:26:12 CET 2000

<jide2time at> wrote in message news:8b87bn$fd5$1 at
> ... I can't get Tkinter to work -
> It fails in _tkinter.create(*,*,*), and claims that it could not find a
> usable init.tcl anywhere, despite the fact that there blatantly is one
> in the one of the directories that it claims to have searched...

I recently went throught the Tkinter-won't-run scenario,
and this is what happened to me:

Tkinter looks in some fairly arbitrary places for tcl -
there were some half-empty tcl installs and  some spurious copies
of the tcl & tk dlls floating about in the winnt\system32 directory (not
sure why).
After I found all those and cleaned them out, and then added the tcl\bin
directory to the PATH, it worked ok.

As an alternative to mucking with the PATH,
try the attached drop-in-replacement for (it goes in

This uses the win32 extensions to look up the tcl path in the
so it won't work if the win32 extensions aren't installed.

good luck


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