Multi-language support?

Fredrik Lundh effbot at
Tue Mar 7 20:07:19 CET 2000

Shichang Zhao <shichang at> wrote:
> I am not sure Python supports multi-languages. If it
> does, how do I turn on such that the Python interpretor
> works with Asia languages?

in short:

python 1.5.2 only offers an 8-bit string type, which
is usually used to hold ASCII or your favourite ISO 8859
character set.  this type can be used to store any kind
of character data, but it doesn't provide much support
for processing anything that doesn't use 8-bit characters.

we hope to solve this in python 1.6, which will add a tightly
integrated 16-bit unicode string type, regular expressions on
unicode, as well as extensive support for character set


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