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Mon Mar 13 16:54:21 CET 2000

Ha, I had this problem myself, not so long ago... It is good to see that
with what little experience i have I can now help out others with two or
three less hours experience than me ;-)

I am using python under M$ Windoze 98. I tried to use the run module option
to test code but that seems to be a doing something a little different to
what i had imagined.. the way i found to run a program was to edit it within
python, then save it to a *.py file, then simply double click on it from the
explorer interface...

Yours in zeros and ones,
        Ambrose. S.

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> > I'm Alejandro Williman. I download today the Python 1.5.2. program.
> > I'm would like to program with Python, but I don't know, how can I save
> > and put the name to a program that I've done?
> Depends on what editor you are using.  Most Windows programs use
> File/SaveAs from the top menu.

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