Checking Python version in a program

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Fri Mar 3 17:16:04 CET 2000

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>On 02-Mar-00 Fredrik Lundh wrote:
>Has anyone told you that you are a goldmine?=20
>I've seen this sevaral times. Someone has a problem, in this case=20
>Preston. He comes up with a solution that almost works and that=20
>requires several lines of code. Then you jump in and lo, there is=20
>a beautiful two or three line solution.
>what-would-we-do-without-you-ly y'rs
I'll disclose a personal confidence, and report that
there are those who apparently want to do the exper-
iment of doing without Fredrik.  He occasionally
(regularly?  periodically?) receives calumny from
people who think he's gone too far in what he writes.
While I'm not particularly close to Fredrik, I'll
speculate that he wants to know when his contributions
make a difference.  Myself, I think of him as extra-
ordinarily generous (as are many Pythoneers), and
easily deserving of encouraging e-mail to balance the
slings and arrows sometimes sent his way.

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