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Anders Eriksson ame at swipnet.se
Thu Mar 23 18:54:52 CET 2000

On Thu, 23 Mar 2000 00:17:06 -0600, Matthew Barre <mbarre at mac.com>

>What book/webpage/tutorial is the best way to learn how to use Python as a
>cgi tool? I don't know anything about cgi and am just getting the hang of
>Python. O'Reilly has a book on cgi programming, but I leafed through it and
>all the examples and discussion I saw was on perl. Any suggestions?
Hello Matt!

I started using Python for a couple of months ago and I went for the
cgi directly. Now, as I have grown wise, I can say that was a mistake!

Take your time learning Python first! So that you can create rather
complex Python applications BEFORE you start with cgi.

CGI depends on so many things that you will get crazy trying to make
it do the same thing on: different OS (Unix/Windows) different web
servers, different browser(Navigator/IE/Opera/whatever)

When You 'mastered' Python you can focus on how to get CGI to work.
There are alot of tutorials on the net (not that many using Python
though). There is a module in Python called cgi that does alot of
things for you (and alot of things strangely.)

On the www.python.org there is a link to a tutorial on cgi...

// Anders

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