wxPython for Mac

Matthew Barre mbarre at mac.com
Fri Mar 17 19:11:01 CET 2000

Last I heard John Carmack had ported the X server to Darwin, and that it was
running pretty darn well. This I don't think is something that helps
developers looking for gui toolkits for Mac since most end users will not be
installing X I imagine.

> From: Aaron J Reichow <reic0024 at ub.d.umn.edu>
> Organization: University of Minnesota, Duluth
> Newsgroups: comp.lang.python
> Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 13:50:15 -0600
> Subject: Re: wxPython for Mac
> On 16 Mar 2000, Bernhard Reiter wrote:
>> As far as I remember there was an incompleted port of wxwindows
>> verson1 to Nextstep. Openstep it successor was a bit different and
>> Rhapsody -> Mac OS X will be a little bit different, too. Somebody
>> has to make another port.
> The port of wxWindows 1 to NeXTSTEP wasn't a native port to NeXTSTEP, but
> one which required an X server and used Xt as it's toolkit.  They got it
> up to version 1.66d.
> To get wxWindows going on Mac OS X the most straightforward approach would
> likely be Carbon, which is a cruft-cleaning reimplementation of the Mac OS
> Toolbox on Mac OS X.
> It'd probably also be fairly easy making a wxGTK port which uses an X
> server on OS X (which doesn't exist yet, although one does exist on OS X
> Server), but a Carbon version would retain the native look and feel OS X
> and not use whatever GTK theme is installed.
> Aaron

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