regular expressions questions

Anthony DeLorenzo gonzo at
Tue Mar 21 04:41:33 CET 2000

>> (P.S.  I have "Mastering Regular Expressions" on order but it will be days
>Excellent book. I couldn't believe that someone could make a readable book about
>them. And how much there was that I didn't know.

I found the book excellent as well.  Frankly, all 'quick intros' I'd read on 
the web were really difficult.  Regexes are definitely important enough to 
consider a book on.

The only thing which I didn't like was the fact that the python-specific 
stuff was so dated (ie stil using the old regex module).  

I find that I use the regexes more in perl than I do in python, at least 
for the time being.  I'm looking forward to seeing the new regex module
in 1.6 though.


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