Problem Embedding PythonWin in VC++ 6

Miles Rizzo milesrizzo at
Thu Mar 23 22:10:30 CET 2000

Ok, I'm really new to Python (thought it was just a big snake until this
week). I've gone throught the tuturial and now I'm trying to embed a Python
script in an MFC app using VC 6.0. I followed
the instructions in "Using Pythonwin in an external project"
( but my
application crashes. The DLL loads and the address of the function is found
but calling the Win32uiApplicationInit function causes a crash.

I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

milesrizzo at
CTESTApp theApp;

class MyGlueClass : public Win32uiHostGlue

// I don't have any methods yet.

MyGlueClass glue;

BOOL CTESTApp::InitInstance() {
   Win32uiHostGlue glue;
   glue.DynamicApplicationInit("import pytest",

inline BOOL Win32uiHostGlue::RegisterModule(const char *fname, const char
*moduleName) {
   BOOL (__cdecl *pfnInit)(Win32uiHostGlue *, char *, const char *)=NULL;
   pfnInit = (BOOL (__cdecl *)(Win32uiHostGlue *, char *, const char
*))GetProcAddress(hMod, "Win32uiApplicationInit");
   BOOL rc;
   if (pfnInit)
      rc = (*pfnInit)(this, (char *)cmd, additionalPaths); // <<<----- The
app crashes on this call

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