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Sat Mar 25 22:55:12 CET 2000

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Doug Stanfield <DOUGS at> writes
>There was a recent discussion on the list on porting Python to the AS400
>platform.  It led me to hope someone could give me a general direction
>towards solving a dilemma.
>I have a number of Linux systems doing network monitoring and management
>types of things.  In an attempt to consolidate information and control I've
>been having great luck using the XML-RPC library and setting up some
>standard interfaces.  Its gotten to the point where this might be called a
>Really Useful System.
>There exists this group of folks who work in ways completely foreign to me.
>They're known as the IS department and stoke an AS400 with something called
>RPG-II to do billing <wink>.  It would be very useful if they could use one
>of my interfaces, but I don't know how to tell them what to do.  They want
>to hear something on the order of "Open a socket..." and I jumped at using
>the xmlrpclib precisely to hide those mungy details.
>The server in question is running a subclassed handler for the
> written by Fredrik Lundh.  There are two methods of
>interest, both of which take a string as a parameter.  They both return a
>dictionary with a variable number of key-value pairs.  The flexibility this
>provides is important for the scalability of my systems.
>I'm just not sure of all the issues to address when trying to get the AS400
>programmer's to use my system.  I don't want them to have to overcome any
>hurdles to get something to work because its a breakthrough just to have
>them considering this in the first place.  Specifically, if it makes more
>sense to provide them a different scheme of connecting to my data I need to
>know that up front.  I am willing to do that knowing that Python will allow
>me to do it more quickly than they may be able to get their arms around
>XML-RPC.  That despite my lack of experience in this area.
>Any responses would be appreciated.
>Doug Stanfield              Oceanic Cable

I had some trouble finding "" - can someone post a URL?

Ian Parker

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