Printing from a Python program

Paul Magwene paul.magwene at
Thu Mar 9 02:16:15 CET 2000

"Martin Skøtt" wrote:
> Hi
> I am currently working on a database project and i need a way to print
> data to an ordinary laser printer from my application. I will need two
> types of print: psoctscript (for barcodes) and normal ascii (with
> support for international characters) for different types of reports.
> Does anyone know how to accomplish this?
> By the way:
> Do you know a barcode utility with a python library?

I've never used the beast, but I noticed the following bar code library
on Vault's of Parnassus (which, by the way, should always be your first
stop when looking for python modules. See 

According to the docs it's GPL'd, and it generates encapsulated

Have fun,


p.s.  Why are people generating their own bar codes?  Self publishing?


Paul Magwene
paul.magwene at

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