pygtk and GTK+ tutorial

François Pinard pinard at
Tue Mar 14 19:41:18 CET 2000

Berthold Hoellmann <hoel at> écrit:

> I've found the pygtk mailing list later, and am now subscribed to it.

Good.  We might meet there, once in a while :-).

> I also found a question concerning the colorsel example, but could not
> find any answers.

I hope you found answers in the code I provided in my preceding reply...

My only sources of information are the "GTK v1.2 tutorial" for C, the
examples installed with the `pygtk' distribution in the SuSE 6.2 Linux
CD-ROMs, and all archived messages I could find of the `pygtk' mailing list.
I made a Python script to clean out MHonArc generated clutter, so I can use
Gnus and RMAIL instead of Netscape to read, shuffle and sort everything :-).

I'm sure that a lot of clues slipped between my fingers while handling that
big lot of messages, but I also found some answers, sometimes well hidden
within the code samples provided for unrelated questions.  It helped me.
By trying to closely translate all tutorial examples from C to Python,
even if I did not reinsert the comments from the tutorial, I have the hope
it might be useful to others.  It's 2/3 done by now.  I would guess many
of us did that work already, but I did not stumble on such results yet :-).

François Pinard

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