CGI - Hidden Fields (NS4.7/IE5)

Tamer Fahmy e9526976 at
Mon Mar 20 17:51:24 CET 2000

Tamer Fahmy wrote:
> Hi!
> I have got a strange problem with my CGI-script. If I call my
> page from Netscape through Apache I get all hidden Fields and
> values. But if I instead call it from Internet Explorer 5 the
> hidden fields don't show up in my FieldStorage.
> I noticed in the apache Log Files that IE5 claims itself to be
> HTTP/1.1 comformant and Netscape says HTTP/1.0. Could this be
> the reason or am I missing something?
> A hidden line in my CGI-script looks like this:
> <input type="hidden" name="EXPIRED">
> and I use method="post" in my form tag.

I finally found out how to solve the problem. If I use get instead of
post and add a value=" " expression to the hidden fields Internet
Exploder starts to provide the hidden fields.
i.e. <input type="hidden" name="EXPIRED" value=" ">

Still I don't have any idea why! Maybe a buggy Internet Exploder
as usual?


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