Drag'n'Drop with Tkinter: Author of Tkdnd.py? (was: Tkdnd.py - someone ....)

Peter Funk pf at artcom-gmbh.de
Thu Mar 16 11:08:23 CET 2000


I hate to followup on my own post, but two weeks ago I asked:
> * Who ist the author of the standard library module 'Tkdnd'?
> * Is there somebody out there, who has successfully used this 
>   module in an application?
> * Is there anybody out there interested in an improved generic 
>   Drag'n'Drop Framework for Tkinter, possibly supporting xdnd?
>   (see http://www.newplanetsoftware.com/xdnd/ for details)
> I've searched the Web and looked through the Misc/HISTORY file and 
> was unable to find something useful.  Any hints appreciated.

Since I haven't seen any responses so far I assume the author of Tkdnd
vanished from the readship of this newsgroup.  And there are not
many people interested in portable Drag'n'Drop GUIs. :-(

Well, in the meantime I've come up with a modified version of Tkdnd.py,
which I used to implement some kind of Drag'n'Drop aware Listbox 
based on Tk text widget.  However this is still somewhat limited.

Regards, Peter
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