mxODBC SQL Type error with MS SQL Server

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Wed Mar 29 10:27:32 CEST 2000

On Tue, 28 Mar 2000 17:00:43 -0800, Bill Hunter <bkhunter at>

>Any thoughts on how best to understand  which parts of Python DB API
>Version 1.0 to use? 
>I was going by the fetchall() section in 

First: I apologize for being stupid! Of cause DB API 1.0 supports
fetchall(), and so do mxODBC.

Somehow my brain glitched yesterday and produced the former answer.
Sorry about that!

So to be honest I don't have an answer to your question so the rest of
the letter is me resoning with myself. Maybe the answer will come to

The error isn't about the database, since it says InterfaceError which
according to the documentation is:

Exception raised for errors that are related to the interface rather
than the database itself. 

The interface of mxODBC is DB API 1.0 with some extensions, e.g.

mxODBC uses the DB API 2.0 conventions for .fetchXXX() return values. 

I would simplefy the SQL statement so I begin with just getting one
column from a table and then expand it bit by bit.

"SELECT * FROM StoreComposition"
"SELECT * FROM StoreComposition WHERE ...."

Then I also would try to use .fetchone() to see if the .execute()

BTW what database are you connecting to?

I'm sorry that I don't have any answer. Hope that you will solve this.
(Marc will probably answer soon, with a perfectly simple answer)

// Anders
I will connect my brain before talking in public

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