event loops and Python?

Kragen Sitaker kragen at dnaco.net
Sun Mar 12 04:54:05 CET 2000

In article <oLyy4.303$Lh9.188194816 at newsb.telia.net>,
Fredrik Lundh <effbot at telia.com> wrote:
>Kragen Sitaker <kragen at dnaco.net> wrote:
>> >just call mainloop(), and off you go.
>> Looks like that calls a mainloop() method on a Tk toplevel.  This is
>> bad if you're not running in X.
>sorry, failed to parse that.  Tkinter uses X windows on Unix,
>native toolkits on Mac and Windows.  the event loop works
>in the same way on all platforms.  what's the problem here?

Sorry, I meant, "This is bad if you're not running in a graphical
environment."  I want to build an event-driven tty application.

I guess I should start looking at how Tkinter does it :)
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