Object oriented design question: classes with mulitiple functions or multiple classes?

Timothy Grant tjg at avalongroup.net
Sun Mar 19 04:17:44 CET 2000

Hi all,

First off a confession, I have always been dreadful at object oriented

With that out of the way you have an understanding of where I am coming
from with this question.

I'm working on a new Tkinter application that needs to track some
customer information. However there is *a lot* of information and it
feels like the best method of presenting this large volume of
information will be in a tabbed notebook. The notebook (Pmw.NoteBook),
at present has five tabs with the possibility of more being added later.

I have one master class called customerdisplay.

My question is this: Am I better off creating initialization functions
to initialize and control all of the widgets, or should I create a class
for each page of the notebook and build my display using smaller class

[On a secondary note, are there any Tkinter widgets that will allow me
to display notebook tabs on the bottom or side instead of the top?]

Thanks for your input!

Stand Fast,

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