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Wed Mar 8 02:17:22 CET 2000

This is a sensitive response which acknowledges that chess program did
ruffle the feathers of Python.

Indeed, not only on Deep Blue, but several other chess programms running
on ordinary PC now stand head & shoulder with the elite chess players.
and they are written in C, no need for a customized Deep Blue.

It proves that when it comes to performance, one does not need assembler
anymore, but the all beloved, universal & mighty C.

Chess is not the only proof, C is so powerful that many other languages
like Perl/Tcl/Python/Ruby/Rebol/Lua/etc., and even C++ are implemented
in C.

Last but not least, all major software producers including Microsoft are
producing their products in ... C, maybe also in C++, but not yet in
Perl/Tcl/Python/etc. AT&T implements most of its critical software in

When it comes to non-critical, low-performance applications,
Perl/Tcl/Python/etc. will have their chance to raise their voices.


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