SV: Embedding Python in a MUD

Thilo Ernst te at
Wed Mar 22 14:55:56 CET 2000

Rolf C Stadheim wrote:

> Greg Miller <gmiller at> skrev i
> meldingsnyheter:38D7EAA8.6863DEE3 at
> > (1) Are there any good tutorials on python embedding?
> The best reference to embedding/extending Python with C/C++ (IMHO) is:
> "Programming Python", Mark Lutz, O'Reilly 1996 (I did not understand
> embedding Python in C/C++ until I had read
> the chapter on this in this book)
> This book is by the way contains some of the best material I have read on
> Python programming in general.

I second that. Although part of the content is somewhat dated by now, and
the organization is far from optimal (e.g. the index is a disaster IMHO), the
has not deserved as much bad press as it got recently. There are quite a
number of fundamental topics (embedding and extending being one of them)
where PP still beats all other books.

It´s just that it can no longer be recommended to beginners - now that we have

other, better introductory books like Learning Python and Quick Python Book.

Regards, Thilo

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