Dirck Blaskey dirck at
Sun Mar 26 01:36:22 CET 2000

After working with Python off and on for more than a year,
I really enjoy the language, and when I'm about to do
something always look at Python first to see if it fits.
Python seems to give me a lot of leverage.

That said, I have one suggestion (or maybe 'complaint').

Please, PLEASE make colon's optional when not needed.
After more than a year, I still frequently type this:
    if condition    # or def or while or for etc.
        do something

instead of
    if condition:
        do something

As long as the block isn't on the same line
( if condition: do something )
the colon isn't necessary, an end-of-line should be sufficient.

I waste a lot of time going back and filling in the bloody things.

After a quick look at the parser last year, I gave up on the idea that
fixing this would be a simple hack for me, but I think
it would be a simple hack for somebody closer to the code.

The only other suggestion I have, and this isn't nearly as important:
it would be nice to have block comments like c's /* */ to be
able to add a multi-line comment quickly outside of the
doc strings.

Thank you for your consideration


Dirck Blaskey
Danbala Software
dirck at

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