A special message for the Swedish readers

Paul Boddie paulb at infercor.no
Fri Mar 10 12:27:29 CET 2000

Erno Kuusela wrote:
> >>>>> "Anders" == Anders Eriksson <ame at swipnet.se> writes:
>     Anders> Hello!  Where on the keyboard (swedish) is the 'backquote'
>     Anders> key?
> at least on my keyboard it is on the key next to backspace, on the
> left side, with shift. it's a dead key sometimes so you might
> have to hit space afterwards.
> this is assuming the swedish kb layout is the same as finnish (i think
> it is).

Well, it's in the same place on Norwegian PC keyboards, but on my Norwegian Sun
keyboard it's on the same key as ' and * (to the left of the return/newline key,
above the right shift key, and to the right of the Æ key) but must be
"activated" by holding down the 'Alt Graph' key at the same time.


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