Sending email from Win95 Outlook

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Thu Mar 9 23:33:03 CET 2000

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>> On Thu, 09 Mar 2000 13:31:57 GMT, kapu at wrote:
>> If you want to send the mail via Outlook you should look up MAPI and
>> the PythonWin 'examples'. In the book 'Python Programming on Win32'

>It is worth noting that MAPI only works if you have a MAPI enabled
>server - basically this means you need Exchange Server or IBM Domino.

Hmm I forgot that ;-)

>Although there probably is a COM object model exposed by OE, I suggest
>just using the smtplib module as suggested by others...

Yes with the CDO (.which is the new MAPI.) You can use it with OE even
if Microsoft claims that you have to have an Exchange Server. So it's
not supported! (.but it works.)

So as everybody has said (me twice) use the smtplib

// Anders

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