rpc Win32/Irix contentions?

Gordon McMillan gmcm at hypernet.com
Wed Mar 15 16:08:25 CET 2000

Sean Dunn wrote:
> I am using the rpc module from Demos/ to communicate between a client
> and multiple servers in Irix.  Things work fine (cPickle'ing data
> structures into strings that are sent back and forth) but I'm trying to
> get the same rpc module to work on Windows2000 now.
> It seems that I can only run an rpc server on windows if I create it on
> 'localhost' and not '' (The '' works fine for unix as it's the default
> interface  THEN, I can only make a connection to it if I run
> the client test on the same Win2k machine, and ONLY if connect to it as
> 'localhost'.  All I am using to test this right now is rpc.testsvr() and
> rpc.testclt() in the Demo/rpc.py module.  I'm thinking it might be a
> Windows security issue, but I can't find anything for the RPC service
> that would stop it from accepting connections on things besides
> localhost.  This is frustrating!!  I get a "Connection Refused" error in
> Irix when I try to connect to the windows machine.  Then I get a
> "Connection Reset" error code from Winsock if I try to connect to the
> server (on the same machine) using the machine's DNS name...  It works
> ok if I connect to 'localhost'.

Can't speak to Win2K, but for NT, a socket bound to 
'localhost' will not be visible outside the machine; the 
machine's network name should work fine from both 
machines, but you probably need to list it in your HOSTS file 
(which on NT is in the obvious <wink> location of 

I doubt this has anything to do with the "RPC service", which 
is really an MS variation on DCE RPC.

- Gordon

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